Meeting #6, 3/31/21

Today, we spoke with Thomas Woodside, a freshman at Yale University majoring in Computer Science. We asked him several questions about his involvement in Computer Science as well as the college application process. See the full meeting below!

Meeting #5, 1/27/21

At the request of the club, we took a look at Artificial Intelligence and several examples of its many implementations. Then, we introduced Kaggle and worked on the first lesson, "Intro to Machine Learning".

Meeting #4, 12/4/20

We briefly introduced the field of Computer Graphics and how rendering works! We then broke out into smaller groups to work on basic 2D Graphics problems in Java.

Meeting #3, 11/13/20

We had our first guest speaker, Andrew Luo! Andrew was the second engineer at San Francisco-based startup Affinity, scaling the team from 8 people pre-series A to now 85 people post series B. During that time he was the engineering manager in charge of the Core Product team and also ran the interview and hiring process for new software engineers. He graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Science from Stanford University in 2016 and has worked at a variety of different startups in the Bay Area since then. He is currently starting a company in the FinTech space with his friend from college.

Meeting #2, 10/30/20

Today, we watched two informative videos explaining the basics of cybersecurity and how computer networking works fundamentally. Afterwards, we worked together on our first USACO problem to start preparing for the competition.

Meeting #1, 10/16/20

We introduced the meeting by working together on the infamous 'Towers of Hanoi' problem. Everyone then broke off into partner groups to work on different cybersecurity problems from several websites. Finally, we all created USACO accounts to participate in the computer science competition this year.

Meeting #0, 10/2/20

This was our first meeting as a club! Everyone started by introducing themselves and getting to know each other through some icebreakers. Then, we broke off into partner/trio groups to solve some coding logic problems together. At the end, we talked through what the club will look like this year, and what you can expect to see during meetings. We are excited to see you throughout the year!